Why is it so freaking hot and humid!!! 



@ssinz: 미용하고 더 예뻐진 울 봉지,노리ㅋㅋ 윗쪽이 봉지, 밑에 애기가 노리.. 이제 좀 구분 되어지시나요? 아직도 구분 못하는 당신은 바보바보바보야아아아아아아아아~~ 메롱

Translation: Bongji, Nori after beauty care keke Bongji is on top, Nori is at the bottom.. Can you differentiate between them? If you can’t then you’re a fool fool fool ahahahahahahahah~~…

Home is where the heart is.

Gelato on (a) rainy day(s)

Yes, I was awed by the colosseum. But what is more precious to me is the memory of when we spent our whole afternoon eating gelato in a small shop in florence, trying all kinds of flavors, waiting for the rain to stop. 

Yes Versailles was spectacular, but the memory of us laughing at art we will never learn to appreciate is much more meaningful to me than the glamourous gates that lead to french palace.

Yes, the elegance of vienna is captivating, but it will never be as memorable as when we sat in the garden eating cherries we just bought from the market. 

Yes, nobody will remember the different flavoured gelatos, or market bought cherries or the laughter that walls could not contain

but they will forever remain a part of me that makes me who I am.

I miss you mummy,daddy,yan and even my annoying brother. and happy. but i was away from home before. i can do it before.i can do it again. life is whole lot of crap right now.



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